Corporate Lunch Time Talks Singapore

How does diet effect your memory? Our Memory improvement lunchtime talks are conducted in Singapore by Pinnacle Minds. The duration of our lunch talks are between 60 to 90 minutes. We only offer free lunch talks or lunch and learn talks to charity organisations in Singapore.

Benefits of Conducting a Lunchtime Talk

  • Employees get to learn a quick skill over lunch (lunch and learn).
  • Far cheaper then conducting full day training.
  • Saves time as employees do not have to attend full day training.

Our Lunch Talk Topic

Nutrition on Your Memory: Maximize Your Memory Power Today!

Lunch Talk Objectives

  • How oils can improve your memory
  • Power of Omega 3s
  • Super spices for your memory
  • Top 4 vitamins for your memory
  • The 2 foods you must take daily for your memory.
  • How our local diet if progressively worsening our brain and in turn our memory.
  • Herbs to rev up your memory.
  • Foods you must avoid at all cost if you want to have a good memory.
  • The top 10 memory boosting super foods.
  • Questions and Answers.

Other Information on Our Lunch Time Talk

  1. Our talks are highly engaging and fun.
  2. Participants will receive handouts during the lunch talk.
  3. Plenty of studies and research on memory and nutrition are studied throughout the lunchtime talk.

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